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[Verse 1]
Girl you know you so pretty
(You're so pretty)
Penthouse suite we overlooking the city
You rockin' my button up and ain't got nothin' below it
I've been waiting a long time for the night girl you know it
Just came off stage, I killed that shit, that's a given
I'll be back on the road tomorrow, that's the way that I'm livin'
Girl I can't lie, I know I'm happy I made it
But all this working and stressing got me frustrated

Let me take it out on you
Take it out on you
Let me take it out on you
Take it out on you
Let me take it out on you
Take it out on you
Let me take it out on you
Take it out on you

[Verse 2]
Girl you know that I gotcha
Order room service baby
Them fuckers brought you a lobster
Salmon, shrimp with some pasta
Hit the cannabis like some rastas
Then pop that bottle of vodka
Then pop that pussy for papa, uh
Girl I know that you need that
You've been working too hard
I think it's time that you relax
You said that my dick's the dopest
I killed that shit, overdoses
Girls you've been having withdrawals
I think it's 'bout time that you relapse, uh
So let your hair down, wipe off that makeup
I know you cake your face up
When you out getting your cake up
Girl I know you've been stressing
You and your ex lost connection
You started sending me signals
After you started to break up
Yeah you want me, I want ya
If I could I would flaunt ya
But I ghost in the morning
So please don't let that shit haunt ya
I know that the weight of the world on your shoulders
It get so heavy I let you take it out on me
Just as long as you

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