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People claim they never change, yeah
Never that, not me, I never stay the same, yeah
Mother fucker I know still out here playing games, yeah
(Alright I got it)

[Verse 1]
People claim they never change, yeah
Never that, not me, I never stay the same, yeah
Mother fucker I know still out here playing games, yeah
Ain't no need to say no names
Because if I did that would probably be their only claim to fame
Where I'm from, foreigners get sent straight to the coroner without no warning
In the morning your mama be mourning ya
(Real shit though)
All these rapper get corny at me
While I make all these shorties get horny
At the very second I step in their cornea
From Maryland to California
From the streets, never thought I'd make it up out it
Fuck all these people that only be claiming they 'bout it
Really when they ain't about it
Trip down memory lane
Remember you doubted? Remember you doubted?
Now take a look in the crowd, ain't it so crowded?
Ain't it so crowded? Yeah
Fake mother fuckers that try to break into my crew but you know that I never allowed it
(Nah, fuck that shit)
No no I never allowed it
Cause I know you only as strong as, all the people around you
And it ain't all about the King, it's about all the people that crowned you
Yeah, V's up
Throw me the ball I'ma run with it, yeah
You have no seen nothing, I have only just begun with it yeah
I never be done with it yeah
Lately I feel I've been working too hard, It's about time I have fun with it yeah

[Verse 2]
Okay, shorty got them cakes, got me dropping cake, make it count
I could probably have you set for life, you might make it out
Mak-m-m-m-m-make me empty out my bank accounts
I'm broke bu 'least I got that ass a check okay now make it bounce
Make it bounce
Yeah, okay now it's back to the lab again
Probably got lost on the way cause the homies [?] dropping off at the [?] again
Hit up the booth like you down, fall asleep and you know I'm back again
Doing all by myself, relying on someone else, no I never do that again
Never do that again, no no I never do that again
I've been waiting on this shit my whole life and I'ma do it right
Cause I know you don't get one mo' life, I'm never losing sight
Mama always said I'd end up in the jail or in the streets
And she was right cause I did
But that was when I was just a kid
Now the bullshit is disappeared
I'm grown now, if I need help I'll look in the mirror
And I got my own style, if you need something that different here
I've been doing this for a while, but my whole life changed in a a year
I done did it yeah
(Fuckin' did it eh)
Fuck anybody tryna interfere
Just get up out of my face
Don't be crowding my space
Ain't my guy, know your place
Feel the vibe, this shit cray
I just spit a little bit of crack
Then I sit back and I get high off that base
If you seem sketch, then things will get drawn
With the lit, you'l be gone with no trace

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Don't Over Think

Shy Grey (C Dot Castro) texty

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