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[Hook: C Dot Castro + Brooke Aulani]
I know, know, know
We try so hard to fly
But we get so scared to fall
That we never move at all
So fall right now
We gon' forget about all of that
Have some fun, don't look back
Cause there ain't nothing wrong with that
Let it go
Tonight we about to lose control
I think this place about to blow
Girl, pick it up and drop it low
Drop that

[Verse 1: C Dot Castro]
I got a hundred bitches on me and they all trying to fuck
Let my team in the party and we gon' run a muck
All about fun, peace, love, yeah that's what's up
But we got guns and you know they all loaded up, bang
Straight shots till we all throwing up
Crowd with they hands high like they all hold it up
The greatest of all time, yeah I'm all goated up
And if you think any differently I do not give a fuck
You ain't got to ask you know the masses all want it
I'ma make it last and girl that ass is on that hundred
Drinking from a flask, puff puff pass, we all blunted
Is it time to go home yet? It's far from it
Snow bunnies in the bathroom hopping on the blow
Whole time, security, they be knocking at the door
Let it go


[Verse 2: C Dot Castro]
Don't over think it just stop that
The end of the world, it's not that
It's just life and at the end of the night well at least we got that
We kept searching for the meaning and that's where we got lost at
So let it go come off that
We all trapped in this big ball that they call earth
Just know you're worth it, continue to top that
So for now pop this, let me see you drop that
Yeah let it go, forget about it, and just chill
If the alcohol didn't do it then the drugs will
Baby I cannot show you how love feel
But I can show you how my gun feel, bang
That's a metaphor for the pipe
Usually I'm a little deeper but my mind took off for the night
So we can get it on till the light
Yeah and everything is, everything is alright
You ain't gotta ask, you know the mask is off, fuck it
I'ma speed it up a little bit because I know they love it
Never suicidal, hit records the only thing I'm cuttin'
Do it to the death, I'm way too deaf, you cannot tell me nothin'
Never dyin' down, I live it up because you never know
I lost my head, I'm drivin' 'round, don't know where I be headed though
Your girl be tellin' me she wanna come, I cannot tell her no
You know what they say, if you really love it you should let it go


[Outro: C Dot Castro]
Let it go (3x)
Don't over think it just stop that
It's just life
Don't over think it just stop that
It's just life and at the end of the night well at least we got that
Drop that

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