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[Hook] x2
I care way too much 'bout me to give a fuck about you (x2)
I swear I don’t need nobody else I’d rather be here by myself
I care way too much 'bout me to give a fuck about you

[Verse 1]
Said there’s a fine line between what’s right and wrong I see this
Plus the line that separates insanity from genius
To me it ain’t different yeah
I ain’t normal but I ain’t mad though
Cause being normal ain’t what got me here with all this cash flow
And being like you average Joe’s ain’t got ‘em screaming Castro
So I just do me, say that I did this shit for when I do movies
For now I keep my paper tight what was upon that loose sleeve
I keep my words within the margin but can’t keep my thoughts within my mind, excuse me
These girls that used to be buggy they turned to groupies now
But it ain’t the pussy that what moves me now
I’m tryna prove me now
I’m tryna bring that real shit back in style
All I wanna do is do exactly what I planned out
Saying that I changed, (of) course I did bitch, I’m the man now
Now everybody coming at me with their hands out
I only have some many fucks to give I guess I ran out, ran out

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
They say they "kill ‘em with kindness"
Man, fuck all that nonsense!
I've tried to be modest, that shit is dishonest
I’ll be a dick and I bet that they still gon’ rewind this
It’s timelessness at its finest
What time is it? Bitch it’s mine
As I finally went from "Who’s that nigga?" to "Holy shit! Can you sign us ?"
But fuck all that bragging and boasting
I ain’t perfect, in fact I’m hopeless
I tend to mask emotions 'till I get past the potion
Sometimes don’t have the focus but I never lacked devotion
Cause this is the path I’ve chosen until my fucking casket closes
But you don’t have to love it, you can judge it
But all the money in the world won’t ever make me budge it
And while we’re on the subject
Thought that holding grudges like bitches is only holding you up, I don’t mean like crutches but
Fuck it fuck all your thoughts, I think for myself
Fuck it fuck all you thots, I’m dating myself
Yeah, and fuck all you niggas man I can just hang with myself
And fuck helping you dawg I'm, still tryna make it myself

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