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[Verse 1]
As a youngin' fake thuggin', I thought I knew it all
Run through your crib and take something, my boys run through it all
Thought I was trappin', half a O I was baggin'
I'm braggin' like I got work
But that's cause I could never move it off
Sober conversations, we plottin' on getting riches
To get some .40s as we plottin' on getting bitches
Swear that shit was ridiculous
All that time that was wasted just nonchelant and complacent
Still in my mind I could make it
Drunk in the gas station line to get my nikki fix
Cause when I ain't got no ciggs I be thrown' hissy fits
Dude in front of me pull a stack out, my eyes light up
Cause I knew that that shit would be mine before the night up
Long story short the feds caught me and locked me up
Right after I hit the lick, 30 days it felt like a brick, uh
All for tryin' to be something I weren't supposed to be
But now I'm here I swear nature watching over me

[Hook] (x2)
Look up in the sky, world is yours, pick your prize
And if they told you different, do not listen to them lies
We gotta face the lows to appreciate the highs
Open up your eyes, recognise we are here to rise

[Verse 2]
Stuck in my city, still workin', I should be touring
Supposed to be road to riches, I keep detouring
May 22nd, my bday, I'm 24 now
Thought music was my path, but I'm not even sure now
Comparing myself to everyone that ain't get it
But if you hearing this record, guess that mean I ain't quit it
I finally said "fuck the critics", I do this shit by myself
Without music I die, I literally do this shit for my health
Then ask for whoever that helped us, with you that I split the rough
A lotta shit on my plate, but fuck it at least I'm eatin'
I swear to give you my heart as long as that shit is beatin'
I swear that I'm never leavin', long as you give me no reason
And fuck a royalty cause loyalty what mean the most to me
I say it openly, most of you people just a ghost to me
Cause I've been left for dead by those supposed to be close to me
But I'm still here, I swear I got an angel watching over me

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Don't Over Think

Shy Grey (C Dot Castro) texty

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