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Seeking those who will follow
Recruiting puppets to power
Envision a corrupt scheme
One of organized blasphemy
The masterminds
The deceivers of man
All across the Earth you are ministered by degenerates
Convinced by each of your own lord of lies that you are the greatest
You represent nothing but greed
Misguided down the path of dystopia
Cease the power from all who are enslaved
Lead others down your path that leads to nothing as you destroy what it means to be free
You await a grave fate lurking beyond your final days
When the lights in your eyes finally dim and fade, do you truly think that you will be saved?
Will the demons of Hell forgive the fools who have spit in their face?
A mockery and a disgrace
Torn apart
You are nothing but carnaged prey
Sheol hunts for those who deny its reign
An evil to be respected
Claim the souls and curse the fucking bodies
Slashed arteries and veins
Vocal chords severed
Make no noise but gurgling
Your ravaged organs still pumping with life
Unwilling to die
In the maw of hell
There is no escape
In a crimson flash of blood
Life exits the flesh of the feral
Compelled with artificial origin
The decomposition of spirit and mind
Intertwined as the madness consumes
Beings now Voiceless in their demise
Alone you await only death
What you think will free you from this sickness
Snarled between paralysis and self hatred
Who will save you?
A damned soul forever in stasis
Bound to these vivid synapses
No release
No escape
You have nowhere to run even if you could
The nerves fire yet you are Voiceless
The nerves fire yet you are Voiceless

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