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The Awakening - text

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Crawling from out of the dark
In moonlight, as stars were aligned
Inhaling the air, as I harmonize with the trees
Wondering what's surrounding me
Captivated within an Enochian dream
There is so much more than what appears to be
Risen from the ashes
I, from the fire worship in reverence to cleansing winds
Scatter flame across this realm
Release this misery
O, Enlil, it is I, bringer of revolution who harks to thee
Split the skies so light may shine over this world of vivid color and beauty
Split the skies tonight
Necessary sacrifice prioritized
My blood as an offering
I give you this life
Bent by self-hatred
Sulking in grief, desperate for relief, it's unrelenting
This is my calling aligned in the stars
Unparalleled by what currently resides
Carrying the torch as I walk through this valley of time
A mission of retribution
Complex yet delicate proposition
The hour has drawn to break these shackles paralyzing me
Reborn through my suffering
This body is made from the earth
The spirit becomes eternal as we burn away weakness
Hark my words as I speak of our curse
Striving to break from this shame
A master's wings pule from my very feet to my crown
Lifting my selfishness and releasing my hate
I shall never bow my knee
Awakened through challenge
I now behold my task
Released from the impurities holding me in its hands
Awakened through opposition
Guide my rage
To cleanse this world of its ignorance
Reborn through pain

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