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Come forth and into me
O, Astaroth lift me of impurity
Banished to lust for the evil calling me
Pledged to my darkest fantasies
I, Sinner of Hypocrisy
Commit to my sin
Corrupting the seed of this virgin
Hark my offering of blood and innocence
Take this whore as yours and unleash the Carnal Beast
Asphyxiating the air from her lungs
The uterus is filled with semen
The cunt orgasms blood
Growing inside her womb
An inhumane child blooms into the world
Conceived, driven by the gloom of uncertainty
Filled with rage
Fingers wrap around the hilt of the blade
Slashing away
Unwilling to die these are my tortured screams
I shall become the taker of life and human suffering
The ender of fate
O, Astaroth
Great Duke of Hell take my soul
Just let find my place in Sheol
Cut the tongue from my mouth for there is nothing left to say
With these shards of my soul
I offer myself away
Hack and slash until I no longer feel the pain
The Carnal Beast comes to take his offering
If you refuse
It will never leave you in peace
No use in running
No one’s fucking coming
No point of escape for you to avoid your destiny
Darkness embowers all that I’ve seen
Hatred flows through these bones of despondency
Suffering through the abyssal depths of abandonment
Focused on making what was wronged right
The pain of negligence courses through my roots and blood
Cold hearted from disappointment
Grown accustomed to being forgotten
Only the Beast came to me
Guide me through despondency

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