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When i was young you waited patiently for me to grow
You smiling down, your hand in mine, but i didn't know
A voice i'd heard all of my life locked away in my insides
Now whispering "it's time to go"
So i told all i know goodbye
You told me that you don't change
When everything around me did
And when i raw away you said there's no trespass you won't forgive
Sometimes it feels like when i was small
The way that you still smile at me
And after all these years you're still the one that i thought you would be
The world says that you are someone you are not
To know you better i've had to forget what i've been taught
And if the whole world decides to turn its back on you
I'll be right here
Because they don't know you the way that i do
I once had lots of family who all have gone away
The storm came down and shook our house
They decided not to stay
They feared the wind and rain and fled for their lives but i didn't care
I stayed and waited for the storm to pass
I knew you were there

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