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When you close your eyes even your eyelids are beautiful
for so long there have been traces of you in blood vessels inside my skull
that coarse you eagerly through me into my hands that reach for you
I love you and I always will
it's all so sweetly beautifully true
and time just makes you so much more wonderful
swimming in the ocean that's drifting in your eyes
I'm walking on a fine line of elation and joy to see the eyes of you
The things are surfacing since years and years ago
leaving me to wonder off in search of all I know
Porcelain skin and the dizzying smile the eyes holding forever blue
just know that I'm in love with you
know that I'm in love with you
So hold me now as I'm holding you
and treasure what we know is true
on my own would never really be alone
unless it's without you
And we go on against scrapes and sores
we break the doors
we will be together
you will lift my heart and move my soul
for all that I am and all that we are
they won't pick apart the truth to spread the lies inside of it disabling
and rendering the truth under it's opposite
Remember me I'm yours today
and if you will come to me and if you stay
I'll offer all I have and sacrifice myself to cherish you
the wind is getting colder and the years are getting older
I won't ever know the feeling of giving up on you
oh beautiful and fair and amazingly true
my heart my eyes and everything is a sentiment to you
created in the image of love that's everlasting
and I draw her out in the future I'd been mapping
Across the sea beyond the sky
even after we lay down to die
I'll love you forever and I'll love you again
I'll love you after every single thing ends

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