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welcome to mediocrity,
where america's youth are ignorant lemmings,
i have no sense of self or individuality,
i am what they want me to be, i am ordinary,
never your own, slaves to an image,
independence can't exist in a cliche,
and that is what you are,
stupidity and weakness,
congratulations, you are a self destructive human waste,
congratulations, welcome to mediocrity,
proud to sustain an all american ideal,
it's in my car and in my clothes, my narcotics, and my alcohol,
it makes me someone, it makes me a part of something,
in a ridiculous village of idiots,
i am what they want me to be, weakness, i want friends, i want to belong,
i've earned status from my peers, through cans of beer,
a herd of useless cattle, you can't belong, the definition of mediocrity,
and you are nothing... nothing at all...

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