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A man at home with a hammer in hand is thinking about his life
Deciding that it would be best to kill his children and his wife
A woman at home with a ring on her finger is thinking about herself
Her husband is a good man but she has sex with someone else
Oh the thought of what sets a person free
Before i could ever love you back you gave your love to me
Now i see my sentencing reprieved
You offer me your everything even though i am still me
A woman with lots of money whose plans are left in doubt
Because of the baby in her womb so she pays to have its brain sucked out
A man in desperation, a girl in his bed
She doesn't want to make love so she will get raped instead
Thieves and liars, murderers and whores
Homosexuals, extortionists, pedophiles, abortionists
Junkies and rapists, adulterers and terrorists
Every woman, every man all ransomed by your love for them

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