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There's some sense of security no mind can ever grasp, we found our own we cannot fall.
Rise up, rise up, the time for us to show the brave tonight we fight or go to hell, I swear on my mother's grave.
We're leavin' we're fallin' we're bleedin' but sayin' what you're waiting for?
Breathin' just breathin' and always pretendin', but you know that's wrong.
We will rise like a massive shadow above their traitors heads.
Hit me as hard as you can, I'll replicate.
Cut my arm and i'll use it to kill you. A divine rage to protect everything we have a sacred force to erase an empire.
We are ready to fight, we are unified in blood.
I swear i'm not, one of them whores.
No there's no way, no way to fail.

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