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When the mace hit the ground
And light will leave your plastered eyes
Only the regret and naughtiness.
Salvation will not come in any of guises.
The Swarm can not be stopped
Until your lungs are filled with demise
The finger of God
Will break the cage and free our sons.
Why did you steal our pride and kept it in your tomb?
He'll do anything to ruin your life
Angst will pierce your heart, impartiality will fall
Patience isn't our strongest side.
Pray! I won't give you grief – only empathy.
Life! Don't penetrate you with pain – only with despair.
The temple of liars is dismembered
The new era of conquers – the bringers of light
Royalty is forsaken, abandoned
Children grown on vengeance and rancor
Are so rude and violent to us.
All of your gods (all of your gods) spent all their odds (just watch)
They won't take a burden of your blood
They don't care (they just don't care) about your hopeless doom
Your wise men can do nothing and retreat – it's retreat
"Yes, we're powerless – our ruler is hostile and opposed
He must admit the majesty of the Lord
Let your sons off it – 'cause they've been given only woes
We'll stop the scourge and pain we deserved"
I see the RED assimilates – we walked away
(didn't listen to our words)
Now we can rely only on ourselves
But God foreseen this, his retribution still remains
And it will be bloomed in the mist, but outstrip from the heaven
Took their mind, took away unexpected things
He's the only one, and he will stop you.

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