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Firstborn - text


Your gods are falling, your lands disgraced with falsehood
We start demonstrating your insignificance.

So stop to run, and pray for those
who are waiting for coveted freedom
which build on a shame
You'll bleed in their name,
and your Gods can do nothing to help

Your life – for our pride
Bury your sons – your hands in their blood
Fight? You cannot stand strong!
God! Will show you what it means
Scream! 'Cause hate you gave us will comeback to you with double force

Firstborn will die when sun will slip away
You tried to live with shame in castle of sand
God will punish everyone who kept our people in dirty tombs
And savior will come, but recede
It's the time of your fall – and your children'll be its soil

Your endless tears don't make you more significant to Him
He will no longer wait until you've killed yourself
Your end so near...

You thought that you can choose your destiny
But never thought that destiny will cheat on you

Bow down before your God
You're filthy maggots – he will teach you
With the Blood of the Firstborn

Your life is fading out, you cursed idolaters
We'll give you something you called persuasion
Feel our rage oozing through the open wounds
Your children take it to the grave...

Text přidal DomikLesik

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