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Creatures From The Mud - text

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The fertility leaves all your lands now
You are defenseless
Your shrines are trampled in blood
And we are ruthless
So you'll not see the flood
Your wisest preachers
They blindly look away...
[Repeating the same mistakes ]
Trying in vain to be like Him
But all your strength run out and fade
Pray your dogs and release your slaves!
But you deny our excellence – the refusal was sent
You're hoping that we'll be afraid – you're wrong!
"Immerse in the tons of stinking mud
Obey to your new king! (New King)
You'll be left with nothing in your hands
Because of your stubbornness"
Remember how the sun looked like
Before it ebbed
Peace has gone, you are doomed
Cursed sands will be your last asylum.
Concourse of ugly creatures will profane your lands! You start to think
That no one is coming, despite all the blessings – they'll never give you that life.
Fake Gods console you,being stuffed with the lie they pull the threads of fate
But we will crush 'em and you'll got the reason to despise.
Remember how the sun looked like
Before it ebbed
Won't forgive, won't forget
Broken chains can put an end to everything.
But the heart was hardened as a beast
Too stupid to submit
That everything will turn to dust.
"My people die in golden chains
But I will designate the lanes
You wanna rival with me now?"
"Oh Lord, it's more to come!
We will go – they will regret
Heaven won't take their souls in
Close your eyes – you will see
Everybody knows – you're pests
You're uninvited guests"
"A new day will give us a new purpose and strength
Believe us, we're gonna take our revenge
'Cause words are needless and never leave our tongues
And when you sleep – we're abide..."

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