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657 Bed B - text


Pinstripes and baby doves
Blue checks and cozies
Big white clouds and import books
Cars and stars and Mosey's

Soft pink with polka-dots
May fells and police
Dancing girls, forget-me-nots
A pocket full of posies

One is for the sleeping
One is for the pain
One is for the weeping
And one is for the game

Handmaids and spider legs
Bones and bars and screws
Parsley, sage, a birdie-cage
Paper, scissors, glue

Here's your walkie-talkie
Here's a plastic bow
You're electric-shocking with a
New remote control

One came for money and
One came for the food
There's one to call you honey when
You're in a nasty mood

There's one to say sorry and
Two to hold your hand
Seat us on the party when
You've gotten out of bed

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