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In my eyes I see the rain
Turn my face can't feel a thing
By my side, can't stay away
Til we break another blade
Be my eyes and guide my aim
Taken the blood, leaving the pain
When we leave the surface clean
Move on and leave the girl to dream
Cold, dead-end void
Heart stops beating
Falling through worlds
Black bitterness
In my blood I feel the pain
Take the night, and feel the sting
In silent light, the hunters pray
From fallen star the wreckage came
All inside tomorrow’s dream
Place your faith in scarlet scream
Hold my hand, don’t want to leave
All we have is all we need
Cold, dead-end void
Heart stops beating, heart stops beating
Falling through worlds
Black bitterness, taste of chemical
Can’t be in love
Girl stops breathing, girl stops breathing
No letting go
Doesn't hurt anymore, just a beautiful

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