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Written on your heart is a name
Someone that you love who can take the blame
Cling to it when you want to escape
What you wanna hear, whispers in your ear
Call it sacrifice, what you pay for fame
When you’re empty you wanna feel the pain
Something that you chase, driven by the flames
Something to believe at all
Through tear-streaked eyes I see
The rain-streaked, heart-shaped, neon bleed
It flickers just for me
An endless war inside a dream
Corroded and diseased
I fall apart, crashing underneath
And tear-streaked eyes still see
The neon heart watching over me
Into your waiting arms it descends
Call the circle drawn into your game
Into your open heart it awakes
Right in front of your eyes, don’t turn away
From the devil’s night it came
Like a stitch to the heart against the pain
With a spark it ignites into flames
This time you believed it all

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Shadow Between Worlds


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