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+69xp! [feat. supachefm!] - text


Whooa (Aye, ayee)
Whoaa (Whoaa)

Aye, my XP's on max every time that I attack
Lungs filled with the gas, every time I fucking smash
They saying that I'm up but I'm feeling down, turn this shit around
Feeling like a fucking ghost when I'm walking through the south
I got the shit in the bag
I'm with the gang and we smoking on thrax
I stay on my shit bitch, I never relax
I'm coming in hot and that's nothing but facts
It's prime time like cable, my life is a fable
Cheat codes enabled, I'm so fucking hateful, aye

Swear I'm painless, I never felt the pain shit
Pour me up again, the liquor made me brainless
You ain't taming me, what I'm tryna to say is
If you wanted to come fuck me, you can say it
I'm just getting to that money then I lane switch
You can't fuck with me, what I'm tryna say is
Couple months and I'll be rocking out on stages
Taking flicks of me, acting like I'm famous

Me and F fusing like Gotenks
Yeah bitch we stepping, you should've spend no less
You don't even know where to go next
We killing you all with just no text
I am a star shining so bright up in the night sky
I can see fear deep in your gaze, look in your bright eyes
This time I know for sure
You'll look back from your corridor
Watch me wash up on the shore
You don't have faith no more

You don't have faith no more
Everything I show you, went to someone else
You've been fucking me the same, I want
I want something different, I want someone else
You've been fucking me the same, I want
I need something different, I need someone else
Every feeling's on the table like (?)
I don't wanna feel this way no more

Text přidala AmyPond

Video přidala AmyPond

I Will Never Be A Memory

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