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I gave the world my heart - text


The worthless, uncertain
The water, is rising
I'm choking, help me
I don't know how much more I can take

Oh what a beautiful night it is, the wind is howling at my skin
Inching me closer to my window, and I'm not scared at all
A walking corpse, cleanse my soul
Rid me of all my impurities
Or let me rot, six feet deep
Either way's fine with me

[Spoken Word]
I gave the world my heart
And all I have to show for it are scars and nightmares
And I always think about how fucked up it is that we live our whole lives trying to please others
But we could never please ourselves
Day after day, night after night
It's just never enough and it will never be enough
And now everyday I just sit in this bed and feel sorry for myself and the cycle repeats like clockwork
Years to months to days to hours to minutes to seconds
And I swear the only way out of this prison I put myself in
Is a bullet to my fucking head or a bottle of spilt pills

I need to learn to just to give in
There's no point in fighting it anymore

Text přidala AmyPond

Video přidala AmyPond

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