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All That I Know - text


This girl hit my phone up but I don't care
Your words mean nothing to me
I just wanna go home, will I ever go home?
The walls in my bedroom, they've seen it all
Stumbling thru the door as I fall apart, alone
Why do I feel so alone?
I wonder what you felt when you said you loved me
Hiding in my sheets cause I'm good for nothing
This is all that I know
The clouds paint the skyline like ghosts at twilight
Like these stars up above me make me feel so finite
I know, can you see my heart glow?
I feel the growing pains in me every day
Trying so fucking hard to escape my fate
The way I hide is not your concern
If I fuck this up then I might change
Get myself in better shape
So I hold my breath and I hope for the best
It's so fuckin' hard to breathe with demons on my chest
The thought of you brings gloom in my room
And I can't fucking stand this place
I just need to get away

Text přidala AmyPond

Video přidala AmyPond

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