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I only said those things
So you couldn't put it back on me
What's said is said
But I never lied
And the harder I try
The harder it gets to remember the path
That led me to this place
There seems to be no way out of here
I only wanted to protect myself
From meaning and cause
But you can only try
To lift yourself out of the gutter so long
Your form surrounds me
I'm left alone, an empty space
But at least it's my place
And the end result is a world
That never cared
For the likes of different ideas
I had security, and now it's gone
I can't take the pressure
And I don't blame youth
The blame's on you and it stands forever
Open your tired eyes
It could make a difference
You can't wonder why
We're in need of assistance
Open your tired eyes
It could make a difference
Or at least just try
By recreating the system

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