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Magazines - text


You see them everywhere, you know those magazines
Yeah I've bought a few, they show you everything
So many news stands, well as I'm passing by
Rows and rows of you bound to catch my eye

Now everyone can gaze upon your body
It's good for you, I guess you have no shame
I never knew if how I acted would make you seek revenge

Now I know, you're in magazines

But is it really you in the empty world?
I shouldn't be surprised, you're an ambitious girl
With all that naked skin as sweet as honey
Maybe you just really needed money
I wondered if I would be punished for my voyeuristic pleasure

Now I know, you're in magazines
Now I know, you're in magazines
Now I know

I tear through pages of every kind of pose
But it's not really you I see when I look real close
You're a little bit different, you're a little bit different
You're a little bit different

And now I know, you're in magazines
Now I know, you're in magazines
And I'm alone, you're in magazines
It never was you, it never was you
It never was you in magazines

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