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I Wouldn't Mind - text


I wouldn't mind
If every day
Was like the day
I had just yesterday
You and I
Hanging on every kiss
On all of this

I wouldn't mind
If all of my nights
Were like the nights
You held me so tight
Your lips so close, so close
On the back of my neck
Little sounds, little breaths

But these times
Just won't stand still,
They slip away
And haunt me until
The next time
You take me
Take me in again

And let me begin

I wouldn't mind
If all my big plans
Fell apart
Left me empty-handed
I'd start again, like new
If you're with me, how can I lose?

But these thoughts
Are only just that
Nice thoughts
And nothing like facts
And the facts as they are
Are harder to take
Cause there's a part of me
That's ready to break

I'm afraid
Yes I am afraid
That you will go
That you'll go away
And you'll leave
And I'll be ok
But I won't find
That I won't mind,
In time

I wouldn't mind
If things weren't as they are
I wouldn't care
If it weren't for my heart
That's why
Still, I try
To give you every reason

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