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So many faces dance through my mind
I don't know which way to turn
take all the memories and keep them inside
They say i'll live and i'll learn
If it was true would you tell me?
If it's just lies would you hide?
All of the things that they've taken
On this Solarspherical ride
Give me the pieces one at a time
I lost them all in the end
Do you believe me? What would you say?
If I said the light I could bend
You took a chance on the future
I saw you give it away
Killing yourself with the answers
To questions I hear every day
I've seen the Solarsphere
I've seen the solarsphere
I've seen it all in my mind
I've seen the Solarsphere
I've seen the solarsphere
I'll take you with me this time
The setting sun was dying
On the night I found you there
You said your life was spent just waiting
I didn't know if I should care
In your eyes I saw a picture
A million constellations where
Every question had an answer
Every thought was void of fear
The second star was rising
By the time I looked away
you said you'de had enough of waiting
Couldn't stay another day
Closed my eyes and took you with me
Not a whisper not a care
Hope you find the things you wished for
The endless night, the Solarsphere

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