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Star of the Age - text


When you are lost
You climb to the firing range
Without a lantern in your life
But the star of the age

And in the bright flash
An emptiness burns away
You trade the darkness of your mind
For the star of the age

Surging away from the tower’s embrace
You race like a tiger
Relentlessly lashing the days
And leave, in the wake of our wandering lives
The signs we are aging
The houses we drowned in the lake

While a shining world
Believes that, inside of days
All the darkness of our lives
will meet the star of the age

While the buildings fall
In silence and reverie
Among the islands of our minds
Among the stars of the age

Oh shining world!
Where nothing is happening
But what is in our minds:
The swelling stars of the age

But still, my love
The only relieving light
In the spinning darkness of our lives
Is when I see you again
In the moonlight
In the starlight
In the sunlight
And I believe it again

Text přidala MAKY-OREL

Video přidala Ketyss

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