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As I walk on hollow graves
You can't hide your face from the guilty
Pushed beyond what's left to save
Embrace this for me
For me
So take my hand and promise me
It's not hard to see between you and me
We can stand up to this tragedy
Clench our fists through worthless days
They want us all in disarray
We can lift our heads from the sand
Today, today we believe
Now, we can withstand and rise again
We can withstand and rise
So take my hand and promise me
In the face of what we've lost
It's all too easy to lose sight of ourselves
We can undo the hardship
We can stand as one
We must all just confide in ourselves
So take my hand and promise me
So take my hand and promise me
We can be some much more than this
This tragedy
This tragedy
You'll get no sympathy

Text přidala Ryuzaki

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