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New Kleen Killing Machine - text


No delusions of conscience
No remorse for the slaughter
Idiollogical murder
The purpose and design
Designed for the perfect balance
Of death, cleansing and divine

Holy instrument of God
No more then a glorified weapon
Sanctify the death
And oppression
You breath for life
Blind devotion
And maniacal sin
Twist deeper
The hate of your faith
Do not curse me
For the sin of your life
For this is your creation

This is the new kleen killing machine
Purified in fire
Baptized in your children's blood
To grow beyond your control

War sustains me
And tollerance contains me
So feed me the flesh
Of your fallen ones
I want to eat your mortal soul
And taste your sweet despair
Do not hate me for my actions
But bless me for my being
This new kleen killing machine
Burning the world
For a better tomorrow

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