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I Am Not Your Victim or Your Enemy
To Be Burned by Your Spit Acid Words
I Am Not a Faceless Monster
To Be Played in Your Weak Ass Game

I Want to be Your Most Precious Little Thing
To Salve the Wounds I've Inflicted

The Devil Takes my Hand,
My Anger Wins Again
He Walks me Drown the Path of Pain
And Loss and Wrath
Again I Try and Again I Fail to Do
What is Fucking Right
One More Wound One More Pain
(I Bring Down on You)

Blind by the Anger Screaming in my Head
I'm Inflicted
I Stare at You With Blood in my Eyes
Inflicted (By Your Desiese)

I'm Sick of This War
And Burned by the Fight
How Many Times Can We Go Again
To Kill me Once More,
To Kill me Once More
How Many Times
To Kill me Once More!

Text přidal DevilDan

Never to Play the Servant

Shatter Messiah texty

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