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Bleeding at the seems
All my hope gone in the end
Feel the fire burn me alive
Purify and save my soul

What is evil what is the sin
Try to feed my conscience again
Justify your path crucify your foe
Show me the monster in your soul

Peel away the layers of my soul to find
Ugliness that hides so deep inside

How deep is the scar that shatters your soul
How many sinners will pay the toll
Who names the price
For all of your fears
What is the monster in your mirror

Burn me alive
Anger blinds your eyes
Terrified by your lies
Kill the heart but nothing dies

Calloused, cold
Calculated visions of control
Crushing freedom through fear unknown
Rule the world with hate control

Text přidal DevilDan

Hail the New Cross

Shatter Messiah texty

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