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All of your plans
And mad little schemes
Losing our way
Blind in the light
The wolves will feast on the dead

Broken and cursed
From the madness that reigns
Spinning us out of control
Feeling the earth bleeding with fear
The dagger is held to her throat
Turning the twist
And twisting the turn
This is the future that fails

Artist of war
Give them the show they deserve
Paint it in blood
The canvas is bare
Your bones
The brush stroke the death

Standing on the shoulders of god
Watching it all disintegrate
Visions of war and death
Burning and choking my mind
Feeling the world wither and die
Falling away from the vine

Anger and rage
Burns in my mind
All of the outcomes have failed
Soaking the world
With innocent blood
But never the powers that be

Text přidal DevilDan

Hail the New Cross

Shatter Messiah texty

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