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No more time to waste
On the waste of time you are
No more dreams to sell
No more hope will I feed to you
I bring my life to bare
On the will of the weakest man
To afraid to grow
To afraid to succeed in life

I am not the reason you failed
I am not the weakest one
I am not stronger then you
I am more determined

Give me your anger and give me your hate
Since you can't stab what's in your mirror
Scared to walk my path
While you're safe in your own little world
Black and white is all that you see
And there is no gradation
Color is what divides us
And I have seen the light

I will strip away the faith
In your seamless little system
Show you the flaw in your perfect world
Show you the ugly thing that you are
Erase the excuses that you have built
I hand you your only chance
See you throw it away in fear
See you scared to succeed

Text přidal DevilDan

Never to Play the Servant

Shatter Messiah texty

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