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This godless endeavor
This failed experiment in choice
Shows me the error of all of your ways
Shows me the error of belive in faith

We seek control over all that we see
Destroy what will not belive
Destroy what will not follow
Or seek the light of God from the dark

Will you be sheep
Will you follow
Will you be the flock
Show me your throat
With your eyes turned to god
I will show you the blood on his hands
The sweetest words of divine seduction
Gives me your throat to cut
To be my child the child of God
To be my holy sacrifice

Verse after verse of contradictions
Psalms of order and chaos
Books from man pretending to be your God
Seeking control of your masses
Shape the word how you see fit
Put all the things in their places
If I won't bow to your order
Oh how would you crucify me

What is the god in your kingdom of fear
The star crossed child that you would deny
Wash your hands in the truth
To come away clean of God
Twist your freedom into the cage you both
Love and despise

The weakest link in a chain of corrosion
The presence of our catastrophic
Life as the demon life with the angel

It all scars our soul
Feeding on pain drinking our joy
The sum of our end

What God would you deny

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Never to Play the Servant

Shatter Messiah texty

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