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Why is the Passion of Man to Destroy
All That He Sees All That Will Breath
Burn Out the World and Choke on the Ash
Put Out the Eyes of the Ones Who Will See

Blood on the Rage the Cross I Will Bare
Wounds of Stigmata Held High in the Air
This Crown of Sin That You Pound in my Skull
The Martyr the Man my Bllod on Your Hands

I Am the Martyr
I Am the Man
You Are the Cross
And Faith is the Nail

All Hail the New Faith
All Hail the New God
All Hail the Dead Christ
And Crucify Freedom

Man Has Made God to Mold in His Image
Blocking the Light
And Controlling the Vision
So Open Your Mind and Feast on the Truth
To Read the Betrayal of Christ

Text přidal DevilDan

Never to Play the Servant

Shatter Messiah texty

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