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Have you ever tasted bad blood
Have you ever trusted to bad trust
Have you ever tasted bad blood
Slit my wrists and see me bleed black
Have you ever tasted bad blood

Have you ever tasted bad blood
Seen the treachery
In your loved ones eyes
Pull the knife out of my back
Lick it clean and stick it in again
Betray me once betray me twice
Two times the fool I lose to you

Through this war I've learned
To know myself
In this life I've learned
To live with hell

I see the games you play again
Another name another face to hurt
Not another life to string up
Not another dream to destroy
See the smile you cut into my face
See the teeth theat bight my tounge off

I am not another name for you to spit on
Mine is not the life for you to throw away
My hopes dreams and aspirations
Cannot be judged by you
I am not the one that you dictate too

All the time you put in trying
To make me hate myself
All the energy wasted trying
To tear me down
Building my fear and doubt
To put yourself above me
Contained in the place
You deem my lot in life

Text přidal DevilDan

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