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The bleeding eyes of Christ
Weep no tears for me
Damnation is my hand
Salvation the promised land
I cannot fear the touch of evil
For I know the voice of God
Can you feel the kiss of the serpent
As it coils around my soul

I am the beast all consuming
Sinner and greed beginner
Demon flesh and deception
They preach for control
How much life can you give
To the child that preaches your destruction
What is the monster that hides
In the face of God

To dance at the burning of Rome
Sing with the death of faith
I pray for the end of God
And the end that he has made
Hallowed names and wrongful dreams
They all steal your soul
To eat the righteous at the feast
All sainted sinners

I believe original sin
Was the making of God by man
I will not forgive the sin
That you trespass against me
Betrayal is the name of God
Deceit the name of Christ
I have felt the old faith
It is razors on my flesh

We are the all dancing singing nightmare
We are disease and not what was meant to be
We are legion the most unclean
Children of purdition bleed the faith

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Never to Play the Servant

Shatter Messiah texty

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