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I'm Just A Noob [WoW Parody] - text


Fear you can see it in my eyes.
I am exposed.
No one to hear my cries.
I have crossed a zone, now I don' t know where I stand.
How did I end up in contested land ?!

Cause I'm just a noob, little ol' me.
Trying to abuse line of sight.
I am just a noob, all lowbie and scared.
Trying toavoid any fight.
Oh ... I have had it up to here!

The moment that I step outside.
So many reasons for me to run and hide.
I can't do the little things.
Like fish and grind.
There's so much ganking, I'm losing my mind!

Cause I'm just a noob,
I'd rather not be.
But they won't let me quest here in peace.
I am just a noob.
Guess I'm som e kind of freak.
Cause they all laugh and kill me with ease.
I am just a Noob.
Take a good look at me.
Just your typical prototype..
Oh ... I have had it up to here!

Oh ... am I making myself clear?
I'm just a noob ...
I'm just a noob in the world (of warcraft).

That is all that you'll let me be...
Oh I am just a noob,
Living in noobitidy,
Leaving cities makes me worry so,
Oh I am just a noob,
It is my destiny,
Won it get past 20 points in my talent tree...
Oh I am just a noob,
My apologies,
Forever to and fro looking for my corpse,
Oh I am just a noob,
Lucky me.
Being ganked is my life story.
Oh, I have had it up to..
Oh I haveve had it up to..
Oh..h I've had it up to here!

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