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GM [WoW Parody] - text


This is where they stay strong
GM KONG, ticket time is lifelong
RP, smilies
GMs got that macro cheese

Good times, pixel crimes
Watching us like Blizzard spies
Smile from the wrist down
Even if they wanna frown

They got generic emails
With all the forum details
"It's working as intended"
When my account has been suspended and

Oh, what for?
If you can handle this
Then I can whip my tickets back and forth
Ticket aggro Oh ma gawd!
That list is endless
Bubble hearth
But you know it got a nerf
It won't work, Oh

Oh, All ma GMs to the floor
Forward slash, GM dance some moar
Getting epics left and right from
Blizzard, Oh

Gms crack that e-whip
Oh shit, every letter seems to crit
God mode, so flash
we're still wiping on the trash
E-peen, so leet
GM wont you raid with me
So pro, good to go
We just need your killing blow


[GM] Blizzard style, got your file, I'm coming down with a different colour whip
(whip whip)
Grammar perfect, you might wanna take a pic, pic, pic
Call up Blizzard tell em all about ya cuz you sent another tick, tick, tick
If you got problems, I'm who you should get get get get
This GM on the track, got your back, switch off your hack, I'm watching you
Same story every time, same whine, jumped on cuz I can make everything fine
And I keep the meanest, cleanest, baddest tickets on my drive
QQ moar to us GMs, know you wanna be us, epic status
Chat rattlin', what's happening, huh?
I don't think I even want to know
Face gravelling, hack travelling, huh?
Another bank hacker makes your guild low
Every day Imma sort your probs
Another day in Azeroth
GM supervising, multitasking, run it back cuz tha song is called

[R]: 2x

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