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Dragonwrath: A Legendary Musical ft Nananea &.. - text


Gather round and hear a tale,
about a legendry ordeal,
of the great adventurer
simply known as Na-na.

Once upon a summer’s day,
Na-na did portal right away,
to Stormwind Tower where
she saw someone in great dismay.

Na-na then asked, “Are you okay?”
and Coridormi said, “Oh hey!
You look like just the kind of person
I’ve been waiting for.”

“Caverns of Time, they need you now!”
while Cori laid a portal down,
Na-na did not make a retort,
and simply jumped right in.

The portal opened right beside,
a great dragon of girth and size,
Na-na had met him once before;
the great Anachronos.

“There seems to be some trouble here,”
Na-na did say while lacking cheer,
Anachronos then did reply,
“The future’s looking grim.”

He showed Na-na Azeroth’s fate,
and said that, “We may be too late
but just in case bring me some sand
and embers, twenty-five.”

“You’ll find them in the Firelands,
clutched tight by fiends, yes all the hands,
of Ragnaros the Firelord,
now go and take your friends.”

Na-na then mustered every force,
her guild stood by her on this course;
they traveled to the Firelands,
and then began to slay.

Boss after boss did quickly fall,
at Na-na’s feet as she did LOL,
“I’ll beat them all in no time flat,”
she said without a care.

Day after day and week by week,
Na-na did start to dread this feat,
as gathering the embers
became quite the lofty task.

But with her guild she trudged away,
and after time it was the day,
Na-na had gathered all the things
and went to CoT.

“Na-na you’ve done excellent work,”
the dragon said with toothy smirk,
“Now take this Eye to Coldarra;
to Northrend you must go.”

With a flash of magic hand,
Na-na ported to Dalaran;
she flew away with such a haste
across the icy plains.

Arriving into Coldarra,
a flight of blue did spot Na-na,
it felt the power of the Eye,
and quickly intervened.

Tarecgosa was her name,
she said she knew why Na-na came,
“Follow me to Nexus
if you wish to seek the truth.”

Na-na stayed at the dragon’s side
and through the Nexus she did guide
our brave and lone adventurer
to use the Timeless Eye.

They snuck past blues of Malygos;
the late Aspect of Magic’s home
had now become a place for all the
Twilight brood you see.

A worthy foe named Thyrinar,
did try to stop our heroes by,
binding Tarecgosa and fighting
Na-na alone.

Twilight did underestimate;
Na-na’s power it was too great!
She slew the mighty dragon
and then called upon the Eye.

In her vision she did see
the platform of Eternity
with Arygos the son of blue
plotting up a scheme.

Out of nowhere she did hear,
the voice of Death rang true and clear.
In came the Destroyer,
as he spoke to Arygos.

Arygos did want the same;
follow his father in his fame.
To be the next Aspect of Magic
was his wicked game.

Deathwing loomed and did agree
“After the Hour you shall be
the ruler of all magic
so just follow me and see.”

Tarecgosa was in shock
“This could not be, I trust you not,
you’ll go to Hyjal Mountain
and consult with Kalecgos.”

Off to Hyjal Na-na went
to meet the daper dragon gent
and relay all her vision
as the time was running short.

Once at the reborn Nordrassil,
Kalec went on to reveal,
that he must investigate,
Na-na’s outrageous claim.

Then Kalecgos did delegate,
his mission of the new tree’s fate;
a stolen bough of Nordrassil
inside the Firelands.

A ritual he said to stop;
one channeled at the very top,
of Firelands but first you need
four foci charged, you see?

Na-na recovered foci four,
and used them on the portal door,
she stopped the ritual in time
by slaying Volcanus.

Kalecgos was quite impressed
Na-na had finished his first test
he then imbued the branch into
something Na-na could use.

He said that he must quickly leave;
confirming what Na-na did see.
To Tarecgosa he did fly,
inside of Coldarra.

In dragon roar he yelled her name,
but in her stead the Twilight came,
they bound the mighty dragon down
onto the frozen land.

Channeling his life away,
poor Kalec didn’t look so great,
but to his rescue Tarecgosa
sacrificed her life.

The Twilight did all scurry fast,
as Tarecgosa breathed her last.
Kalec mourned in mighty roar
but had a quick idea.

“I’ll bind her essence to your soul,
but for us to attain our goal,
you’ll return to the Firelands
until an Aspect is chose.”

“One thousand cinders you must bring;
think of it as an offering,
to sustain Tarecgosa’s life
until the next eclipse.”

Na-na agreed to everything,
the spirit of the blue did sing,
their souls forever intertwined,
they plunged into the flames.

To all her guildies she did praise
for helping her through all the days
and as they set out on the task
Na-na was filled with glee.

More bosses fell heroicly,
Na-na would not accept defeat,
Crimson Alliance by her side,
they quickly picked up speed.

But once again the time drew on,
Na-na was having second thoughts,
demoralized she felt the quest
starting to take its toll.

So Tarecgosa said, “Hey you!
S’not just your life it’s my life too!
Give up now and we’ll all burn
under the Firelord.”

Na-na again with new resolve,
did farm for months and gave her all,
felling every monster up
until that fateful day.

Her magic bags were filled with stacks
of burning cinders with no ash
as she returned to Coldarra
to witness the eclipse.

All the dragons of blue flight
did gather for a vote that night,
to choose the next Aspect of Magic
was their newest plight.

Arygos did garishly
speak of his father’s legacy,
he spoke only of power
and the future they would grasp.

Step forward then did Kalecgos,
but Arygos he did not roast,
he spoke of magicks powerful
and of their troubled past.

“We must be responsible!
The future of the world we hold,
if we aren’t wise in our next choice
then Azeroth may fall.”

With Tarecoga’s vote that day,
she began a one-sided sway,
the vote was then unanimous
and Kalecgos had won!

The new leader of his clan,
Kalecgos outstretched his hand,
The power of their bond then grew
quite exponentially.

Still stuck inside the mortal coil,
even through all of Na-na’s toil,
Tarecgosa could not rest so
Kalec did assign.

“Dear Na-na, just one more task…”
he asked of her as she did bask
inside the new power of her
greatly upgraded staff.

“I need from you a heart of fire
so that our friend does not expire;
you’ll need to pull the essences
off of his gen’rals too.”

Na-na released a heavy sigh,
but of course she did comply
and traveled to the Firelands
for one final time.

Time and again she siphoned off
all of the souls of gen’rals lost
and quicker than she knew it
she came face to face with him.

Ragnaros the Firelord did
emerge from his burning home
and spoke to Na-na as she stood
ardent in front of him.

“Puny mortal do you dare
to bring your magic to my lair!
I sense the soul of Tarecgosa
bound into your being.”

“Too soon! You have come unprepared!
To challenge me so laisezz-faire,
so now you’ll feel the wrath of
fire deep beneath your skin!”

Na-na’s blood did begin to boil
she felt as if she had been foiled
The Firelord had cursed her body
as she lit the ground aflame.

But Na-na’s guild stood valiantly
although Na-na was quarantined,
they dispatched the Lord of Fire
while barely holding on.

Ragnaros was vanquished now,
inside his chest, one more mail crown,
Na-na blinked through the magma
to rip out his molten heart.

With task complete they portal’d out;
to Stormwind Tower they did route
and raced toward the Cathedral
before it was too late.

Hallegosa waited there,
“Hip-hip hooray” her guildies cheered,
Na-na then boarded a platform
suspended in the air.

Out of nowhere Kalec appeared,
as citizens of Stormwind leered
at all of the blue dragonflight
taking over the town.

With monstrous voice Kalec proclaimed
“Na-na has saved you all today,
so drink, be merry, celebrate
and thank her on your way.”

“Azeroth owes her quite the debt,
but I am still not done just yet…”
as he used the heart of fire to
forge Tarecgosa’s Rest.

Magic drew into the staff
Na-na could not help but to laugh
as she felt Tarecgosa’s spirit
being drawn away.

Now in the staff forever bound,
the soul of Tarecgosa found,
peaceful rest for all her days
in care of great Na-na.

In legend we will always know,
of the one mage who stands alone,
with fire-tempered spirit that
stood against all of the odds.

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