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DPS [WoW Parody] - text


It's been a long raid,
I shouldn'ta left you (left you),
Without a new class to heal you (heal you).

What would you do?
If I refused,
To heal my way,
Through another raid?
Would you get mad?
Would you rank me down?
Would you type in caps?
With an added frown!

I know this raid,
Needs a healing class,
But I just can't,
I just can't be assed.
I wanna chill,
Using little skill,
Oh, I wanna be,
In my DPS treeeeeee.

When your guildies start to wipe,
Blame it on the tanks, ignore the hype,
You knew that you was healing all the time (all the time).
And if blame is placed on you,
Quickly change spec and DPS,
Quickly change spec and DPS (DPS).

When there's a wipe,
I'm dying last,
I'm so damn good,
At my healing class,
I don't even look,
At the healing bars,
I don't even res,
I just point and laugh.

These healing bars,
Are in my dreams,
N' they won't go away,
So easily.
It's all I can see,
On my gaming screen,
Wish that I could be,
In my DPS tree.

If you don't wanna heal it all the way,
You might be healing on the first raid,
What about the next raid?
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Say you don't wanna heal this all the way,
Can Healers type 123 now?
Get your DPS gear -
Out, out, oh, oh.

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