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Strange how summer blossoms
Blew away so late this year
Falling from above, soft as snow
All around you
The days I'd like to bring back
Side by side with you
And peer through that old black window
And see red-blue skies so near but
Say the word
And I'll be ready to make a sacrifice
Stay - Don't turn around
There's only one reason
All my life I wished I was here
Looking for a chance to cry out
All the pain that turned me into stone
And thoughts that haunt me day by day
The word is 'now"
I'm ready to make my sacrifice
Pray - Imagine all the things
That I never talked about
Stay - Don't turn around
You're the only one
Won't you save me, take me away
There's no more reason to hide
Try to make a stand
It's not only tears in my eyes
Somewhere I'm all alone... Without you
"Flowers of light descend
As the twilight strangles the sky
May I, in this vast world
Ever find another soul
To contemplate my silence, forever..."
Won't you save me, take me away
I've felt so lost as I've tried
Hold me, help me stand
Don't mind the tears in my eyes
Someday we'll pass away
Is there a time to go by?
Take a breath and smile
Fortune is to be alive
For apparently no reason

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