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Last Goodbye - text


What were you trying to find
Can't live at all without nothing to hide
It only brings anger when
You're bringing it home again.

Here's to another last goodbye
Keeping this doubt at a distance
How long have we fumbled and
Who cries innocence.
Skin's become leather so we don't feel at all.
We're tearing these holes inside
Oh how the emptiness drags at the mind
We've cauterized the wounds so they don't bleed.

Here's to another last goodbye.
You know it's been too hard when tears run dry.
So fill up your glasses and toast one down.
And it's, here's to another last goodbye.

How can we stop telling lies?
It comes so easy like dead to the flies.
You say you don't notice what an enemy
That you've made of me.
We keep hope a bird on a string
Don't fear it escaping we'll cut off it's wings
I'd say it's over but why say what we both see.

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