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This Song: For The True And Passionate Lovers.. - text

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this song:
i have this song: to sing
certian words must be screamed
rather than be sung or spoken:
i am alive and vigorous... they toil without love.
fight without purpose,
and live without passion...
i am alive and vigorous.
in this song: is where i belong.
within these moments
there are no outsiders.
within the body of the song:
time stands still.
one is al,
and all is beautiful -
the beautiful moment of song and passion.
we will all sing.
we will all dance.
if a human's nature is to war,
this song:
is a battleground,
and this voice,
a weapon
one thousand voices -
or trumpet call
to arms.
passion's promise;
true love's reward -
a pure expression
in truth and sincerity.
passion's promise:
true love's reward, is this song:
what will become of this song:...
pray not a fallen banner,
or screamed words to the deaf,
for life is weary without song, or sound of harps.
this is a song for the impassioned.
this is strength for the heards on sleeves -
a shining sentiment where voices soar
and melod wells tears in the eyes.
we will all sing the same song,
this song,

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