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Given Flight By Demon's Wings - text

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this is not my true nature.
i was not born as what i have come to be.
to be gentle again...
an angel's heart given flight by demon's wings faces certian death.
do not let this exterior deceive you.
i can easily crush your spirit.
my wounds bleed truth,
their voices are caustic,
and with the words...
a nasty sting from aim and precision of fact.
"how can you be so cruel?"
it is not who i am,
as it is the hate i feel.
i am a demon,
a vicious fiend.
let me alone.
i am a demon with a penchant
for other's misery.
i am a demon,
a vicious fiend.
let me alone
in peace
to be the beast of a man
the world has made me.
i am prepared to fight humanity every day
for the rest of my life,
albeit, my mind and body
yearn for tranquility.
people that should earn my love
consistently warrant my hate.
i truly resent this.
breathe easy, friend.
let not bitter fruit sour your breath.
you were once a gentleman.
when friends fail,
and mother is gone;
when god is silent,
and mates fall out of love...
i still wake to confrontation,
alone, and unflinching.
i am not simply strong,
i may very well be the strongest man
that ever lived.

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