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and this is what shall come to pass.
a new precept for the world to adopt.
and this is what the children shall learn...
prepare for the lowest standard.
rough diamonds in the palms of fools
unable to give the crucial gift of reason.
the unwise teaching wisdom.
the absurd defining priority.
fools, unable to give the crucial gift of reason.
what more can be expected of a child,
being a product of the stark worst -
its fathers blood.
censure rightly;
make no mistake.
the ascendants,
they are veritably criminal.
fare thee well
down the random path of chance.
set sail,
against the wind,
under the misguiding light of faulty beacons.
set sail,
against the wind,
with vices for virtues,
dishonor for ethics,
and excess for etiquette,
as examples -
such sorry examples.
and what of the children...
ignorant of it's weight.
blind to it's worth.
something is terribly amiss
when the beauty and the miracle of new life
is nothing but a burden.
this burden is a life
this burden is a child.
men without dedication
speaking of truth and loyalty.
women without conviction
teaching respect and compassion.
and what of the children...

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That Within Blood Ill-Tempered


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