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Coward - text


Feel no cold, feel no pain, cry out - never hear
Sitting in the corner
Staring at the wall
Rosy dreams forgotten
What was right turned wrong
Hiding from reality
All emotions gone

Fucking coward!

You are lost. No friends. Hard to make them care...
Thought you were clever
Laughed at all the rest
Listened to the others
Making a pretence
Lived from peoples charity
Never even guessed

Fucking coward!
Fucking coward!
Fucking coward!

You are stuck! Just stuck!
Can't move on
No escape. No return.
Visions of the past
Fighting back
Agonize in your head

Apathetic smile
Will depressed
Fear to life, fear of death
Tear apart your soul
You don't mind
If you live or you die

Feel frustration

Time will pass, you know
What I mean
That is life - sink or swim
Painful memories
Fade away
Leaving shadows on your face

Prisoner of life
Prisoner of life
Prisoner of life
Prisoner of life

Text přidal Sleeper

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