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My dream, my dream,
My, my , my
Dream ha he
Dream ha he
Now I got to wonder if you dreaming or not
'Cause everything seems so real
Shaggy (cha)
(verse 1)
As my days grow old and my night grow cold
And É yearn for your tender love
My desires are strong Ï can't seem to hold on
And I wanna feel your touch
Girl I love you so much it's way pass a crush
And they fantasy feels real
And when reality bites it cut likes a knife
And I wake up asking myself
Brian & Tony Gold
Is it really real or is it a dream
Is it really real or is it a dream
(verse 2)
Hear me now
Girl you know sexy that you have it all together
Tickle up me fancy with you sweet smelling feather
Smooth like a silk you could be rough like a leather
Don't wake me up Ï want the moment to last forever
(Ha) time goes by you know my loving gets better
Passionate moment probably think I would a never
Have you in a mi thoughts girl you si down and you wonder
Girl let this one last forever
As I reminisce on the times I missed
And the warmth of your tender lips
Ï can't help but wonder if Ï wake
Will I find a love like this (yeah, yeah)
I guess it's fair to say that
You are the woman in my dream
Well that's the word or haven't you heard
Why don't you get up and help me sing
(verse 4)
Hear me, hear me
Is it a figment of my imagination
Or that me under se**** frustration
Right now me under nuff aggravation
Can't show it must protect man reputation
Now this is something I must ask a question
I would a really like fi know your intentions
In regards to my infatuation
Tell me bout the operation

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