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Lost (feat. Prince Mydas) - text

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{Oh no}
ya hear me
you tell the future
{yeah,come on}
or maybe your future blank
{oh oh}
parental advisory
watch this
Verse 1 - SHAGGY
you thinking that your grown now,
you got your eyes set on the street,
some how you think that you can stand on your feet,
no job,no house,no car
tell me how can you quire these things,
i know just what your thinking,
the road you wanna take will leave you sinking,
you wanna roll around with your crew,
tow drunks,
gang bangs,
steal cars
doing all of these horrible things
now tell me how were you mislead so easily,
when you was raised better by your family,
you trynna be something that you aint ment to be,
your mammas on her knews pray to GOD every nite
cause she knows that your
lost in the still of the nite
aint no need to loose site,
she'll be holding the light oh yeah,
i'm lost in the still of the nite ain't no need to loose site,
she'll be holding the light
Verse 2 - SHAGGY
see son its never too late,
the effort to correct is never to great,
a family should stick together,
one blood,
one luv,
one heart open arms welcome you at the gate,
you thinking that im crazy,
i see through all them see your visions,
i'm fired up with the preminotions,
black suits,
long faces sad words slow singing at the side of your grave
whenever im low
all i need to know
{oh yeah}
is that your there for me your down for me my strength when i'm weak

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