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A pulse of energy wipes the galaxy clean of all its life.
Vivisection of the cosmos, a dogma of the damned.
The rule of ancients ceases to exist.
Alone in a vast obscurity of infinite perception.
Billions have vanished before my eyes.
Psychopathic devastation is the rule of our demise.
Sliding forward into the tale of which return is not an option, isolation, incubation of the virulent contagion.
Maddened resurrection, hypodermic insurrection, the beginning of an era, the dormant lord of death's er******
The question is remaining: Can they overcome restriction?
Through rock, metal and time all they've done is fucking listen.
Reseeding has been nothing short of successful.
Life is thriving in the milky way, alone I’ve waited for anything.
The end of this insanity, alas they have arrived.
You've been away for far too long.
The origin of my existence finally has come.
Alas, they have arrived, it's been far too long.
Now they have returned.
The gift of life has been instilled, the successors to your past have been exhumed.
Held in the arms of exuberance, I fathom the infinite light and follow it into the night.
I regret to inform you to maintain a distance.
This ring holds entities you cannot imagine.
Approach the vector in which you have been given.
Rid the infestation of non-Reclaimers.
Legions of Covenant blanket the surface.
Searching for the cartographer, and searching for control.
Blacklisted facilities have been overrun.
I need your help gain them back before it's too late.
They've broken through the gates.
You will not take this from me.
From the abyss of bitter loneliness to the nostalgic rush of memory.
If only I possessed the form in which I was born.
A living body so I can embrace and rejoice.
The gift of life has been instilled, the successors to our past have been exhumed.
You are the child of my makers, inheritor of all they left behind, but this reign is mine.
A new chapter has begun.

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